Most of the customized pet ID tags that you have come across until now use laser or mechanical engraving. This allows manufacturers to mass produce their generic designs, then the customization usually takes place at the time of purchase. 

We are taking a different approach, and utilizing 3D printing to produce all Pawshhtag ID tags. 

We believe that this is an application where manufacturing via 3D printing is not only viable, but is actually ideal as it allows for unlimited creative potential. Our products have gone from concept to production as follows:

1. Initial CAD modelling

2. Prototyping and Iterating CAD designs

Each Pawshhtag style went through several versions before a final design was chosen. This allowed us to ensure the highest quality final product in both appearance and functionality.

3. Customization

Our unique designs require a little bit of tweaking every time we introduce a new pet name and contact information. This is the last step before production.

4. Final Printing

Routine printer maintenance and dialed in settings allow us to consistently produce beautiful ID tags.