Customized Pet ID Tags - Durable, Quiet, and Unique!

Made locally on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

10% of proceeds go back to help animals in need.

More features than your average pet ID tag.

Not only are Pawshhtag dog and cat identification tags built to outlast every other ID tag on the market, they also don't make annoying jingling sounds. In addition to making your pet stand out in the crowd with their vibrant colours and unique styles, Pawshhtag ID tags can't rust or corrode, and are extremely resilient to the roughest of abuse that your pets can throw at them.

Individually personalized with your important contact info.

Every ID tag we sell not only prominently displays your fur friends name, but it also includes your extremely important contact information. In the dreadful event that your pet were to ever go missing, your phone number will always be right there with them. This has been proven as the most reliable way of recovering a lost pet, and simply having one or two phone numbers attached to their collar substantially increases the chances of your beloved pet returning home. Almost every pet owner is aware of this fact, yet many among us still choose not to take this precautionary measure. Reduce your chances of becoming a statistic and rely on a Pawshhtag ID tag to help keep your pet safe.

10% goes back to help animals in need.

We think it's extremely important to do what we can to help support those around us that spend every day trying to make the world a better place for the ever-growing number of neglected pets. Ten percent of the proceeds from every Pawshhtag purchase goes back to help provide animals in need with food, shelter, and medical treatment all over North America.